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Students with severe learning disabilities still perplex me. Even though I know quite a bit of the theory behind various learning disabilities… I still don’t understand it. I don’t understand because I just can’t relate. I’ve tried putting myself in … Continue reading

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Theory Disproven

I’ve had a theory in the back of my mind as to why my 8th period seniors as a whole ask fewer questions than do my 4th period seniors. My thought was that they were hesitant to ask questions due … Continue reading

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Unrealistic Expectations?

Note: This may sound like ranting (and it may be), but there are some serious questions at the end. I gave my seniors an alternative assessment on piecewise functions. I told them that this would count for a quiz grade … Continue reading

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17th Carnival of Mathematics

The 17th Carnival of Mathematics is up at Math Notations. Dave provides a lead in with some interesting facts about the number 17 — which reminded me of this site on 17 and yellow pigs. JD’s post about the carnival … Continue reading

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