Leap, then Look

I began reading edu-blogs for about six months now and began commenting soon after. Although I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while now, the decision to actually start one was rather… impulsive. Finally inspired by a strange combination of events (a response tweet from Bud the Teacher, 20 hours online, and a lack of sleep), I went to WordPress, found the names I wanted were taken, started trying random mathy terms, and then without really thinking about it, hit enter.

The lack of planning didn’t stop there though. Nope, not content to only have a blog account, I had to post something. So I threw together a minimal about me page, typed a first post, and again hit enter. Was that enough for me? Nope. I had to actually intentionally let a few people know what I had done. I also unintentionally let one know (note to self, never, ever, send an email with a CSS question to a student who is a computer genius & not expect him to find you. Ok, I ended up giving him the url – after he had already found me).

Sadly, I’ve found this method is the way I have to do most things. Had I planned it out, this never would have happened. I’m actually terrified of change. When considering something new, I’ll map out every possible action and start drawing tree-diagrams of possible consequences. This generally takes all of the time and energy that would have been required by the considered action, so, I go to sleep.

So in spite of a recent proclamation that left me thinking: delete the blog, delete the blog and publicity from a person I admire, I’m going to continue. Coming soon, an updated About page and reflections on the first few weeks of teaching.

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1 Response to Leap, then Look

  1. Rick says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere. Just picked up your blog from Meyer’s, thought I’d say hello. It’s always a great time to start blogging. Have fun with this thing!

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