Kids These Days

Kids these days… wasting their time online, wasting their potential, wasting their futures. Right?

Nope, not even close. Meet 17 year-old Andy, who, in 48 hours, wrote a working online gradebook application. Teachers can create a class, add students, set up categories, enter assignments, score them, and can even leave class notes & announcements. The best part is that students (and parents) can log in to view current grades and the number of missing assignments.

Why’d he do it? Short story: he saw flaws in the system we use, and figured he try to improve it. The fact that it was a challenge probably helped too.

Please go over and check it out. Create your own account (or use demo/demo). Even better, register and vote. Once you’ve registered, clicking on the “View Profile” gets you to the comment drop box. Give him some feedback – he’s looking to upgrade once the competition is over.

Really, he’s only 17 years old. The most I’ve ever accomplished in one weekend was a real analysis take home, grocery shopping, and laundry. I thought that was pretty productive (heavy sigh). This kid amazes me.

Did I mention that you should go vote?

[note: The contest is over, so the registration link no longer works. You can still view his program, as I’ve redirected the link to the current server]

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