Shamelessly Begging

I wrote about Andy a few days ago. Well, Andy’s program is holding at 11th place. Not bad considering there are 92 teams entered – some of whom had four programmers on the team. Not bad for 17 years old. He’s looking for feedback on the program (he’s email address is listed on that same page). Votes would be appreciated too – don’t worry, you didn’t miss it – YET.

Coming soon, a post about Andy’s latest creation that is helping me manage my new project – Freshmen Class Sponsor – with 120 students interested in joining. Apparently I’m still leaping before looking. What have I gotten myself into?

[note: The contest is over, but you can still view his site. I’ve fixed the link to redirect to the new site]

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1 Response to Shamelessly Begging

  1. Andy says:

    Thanks! Yep, if anyone has any feedback at all that they’d like to send me (comments, suggestions, flames, whatever), please feel free to do so. My email address is on the main page for GradeSeed, at . Any votes would be appreciated too. Also, check out the other applications that were also developed in the same competition – some of them are rather neat, some of them are a bit strange. Please also let anyone you know that might be interested in an online gradebook application know that it exists, I’ve only gotten a few comments so far.

    (If you would like to vote, please go to and look in the top frame of the page for “Register” (the one with a “Rails Rumble 2007” logo in it). You’ll need to register, check your email for a validation link, and then go back to to vote in the same top frame – your vote is saved when the red stars show up.)


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