It has been a very strange few days. Here are some fragments:

I can’t use my calculator because it has sand in it from the beach.

This is too complicated, can’t you just teach me to do this by hand. (regression?)

Different student, different class: This is too much, can’t you just teach us to do this by hand? (finding max/min points of quartics? not a calc class)

Were we supposed to follow that or were you going off on a tangent? Student comment after discussion on slopes of curves. He wasn’t intentionally trying to be funny.

Student answer: 21, 24, 24, 24, 28. Question asked: Create a set of five numbers that has an average of 20.

You googled xkcd? (ok, I wasn’t thinking)

New class rules: No talking about someone’s family. No dissing people for not understanding.

Me: Student, why are your shoes off? Student reply: I’m just more comfortable with ’em off. Me: Do you have to hold them in the air?

Is climbing out the window a violation of some district policy?

I bet my class’ average class rank is lower than yours. (from another teacher)

What do you mean I have to write in complete sentences? This is Math, not English.

“I don’t know what any of the problems are at school but if I’m President i will try to Solve most of them before i graduate” student wanting to run for class president

Wait, I have to pass 21 credits, not just take them to graduate?

Me: So, what do you suggest to help them better understand? Venerated student assistant: Smaller class sizes? Me: Smaller than 10? Him: How about two?

Hope everyone’s week is a bit saner than mine.

Note: I do believe learning has actually occurred at some point this week, but I may just be kidding myself.

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2 Responses to Fragments

  1. Jen says:

    Wow, we *do* have very similar days. I, too, am 30-something and worked in schools for years before deciding I wanted a larger sphere of influence (and paycheck). Sadly, I think I had more influence as an assistant. Also sadly, my week was not saner than yours.

  2. Jackie says:


    Sadly, I know your week was worse than mine (I’ve been reading – and also thinking we have a lot in common). Mine really wasn’t bad overall – these were just the weird comments that were made over the course of the past few days.

    Hang in there & thanks for stopping by!

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