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Kids These Days

Kids these days… wasting their time online, wasting their potential, wasting their futures. Right? Nope, not even close. Meet 17 year-old Andy, who, in 48 hours, wrote a working online gradebook application. Teachers can create a class, add students, set … Continue reading

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Not Enough

I’ve survived my first few weeks of teaching – but this is not enough. When talking to people this summer prior to the beginning of school, I jokingly said my goal for year one was, “Do no harm”. This of … Continue reading

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Math Notations Interview, Part I

Last week Dave Marain announced an interview with Lynn Arthur Steen regarding issues in mathematics education. The first portion of the interview (5 of 19 questions) is now available. Interesting reading, although I’m still waiting for information about the Algebra … Continue reading

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Leap, then Look

I began reading edu-blogs for about six months now and began commenting soon after. Although I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while now, the decision to actually start one was rather… impulsive. Finally inspired by a strange combination of … Continue reading

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