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Things to Come

Overall things have been hectic lately, good for the most part, but nevertheless hectic. Here’s a brief update with details to follow soon: Despite my case of pre-parent conferences jitters, the evening went well – I have never been more … Continue reading

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Any questions?

I try not to ask, “Are there any questions?” in my classes. First, I know my students have questions. Second, that is pretty open-ended and I often get questions that are unrelated to the matter at hand (continue reading for … Continue reading

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Saftey in Numbers

While I generally enjoy math team practice, I cherish math meet nights. When else can I spend six hours with some of the brightest and most interesting kids in the school? Getting to the meets is always amusing. As I’m … Continue reading

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Spam, spam, spam, eggs, spam, spam, and …math?

The 19th Carnival of Mathematics is up over at Good Math, Bad Math. Apparently MarkCC has been inundated with spam along with carnival submissions. I hope there weren’t any Vikings. This submission just reinforced my belief that we need a … Continue reading

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