I Survived!

Somehow, two and a half weeks before the craziness that is homecoming week, I became the freshman class sponsor. I really just offered to help out until they found someone – next thing I knew, an interview was scheduled. During the interview, I was told I had the job. It was then, I was told, oh by the way…there are 120 freshmen who want to join and you need to schedule a meeting to plan hallway decorating for homecoming, decorating the stadium for the homecoming game, cleaning up after the game, and helping out with the activities for homecoming week. You also need to gather a crew to run the concession stand at the last home football game and plan the winter dance. Oh yeah, don’t forget to have them all fill out a petition and get all of their contact information.

At that point my head was spinning. What had I gotten myself into? How was I going to get 120 email address when I can barely read their math homework? My solution? I turned to Andy for help. He created a website on which the students could sign up and I could get all of the necessary information. Yea Andy!

120 turned out to be a bit of an overestimate. I have about 50 students on the freshman class council. We managed to get everything accomplished that we needed to for Homecoming (we made tie-dye t-shirts, decorated the hallway, decorated the stadium, I helped supervise the bonfire, I helped with the parade at the game (no one told me about pushing the car with the dead battery), I helped out with concessions (how do you not buy as many hamburger buns as you do burgers?)). There was a minor problem in cleaning up the football stadium after the game, as the freshmen all somehow “forgot” about that task.

I just got home from the dance. Only one of the freshmen girls wound up in tears tonight, so I consider it a success. Anyone have any ideas how I can get all of the girls to get along for the next four years? Oh yeah, elections for class officers are this Thursday.

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2 Responses to I Survived!

  1. Scott Elias says:

    Only one freshman girl in tears? A huge success indeed!!

    This is my first year where I’m not officially responsible for any 9th graders and, I must say, I don’t miss the drama…

    Kudos for taking on the freshman class! Now, will you stick with them through graduation?

  2. Jackie says:

    Drama certainly characterizes many of their interactions (some days I feel more like a counselor than a sponsor). Luckily we have a fair number of boys interested in class council, so hopefully that will balance things out (if that in of itself doesn’t create more drama).

    The plan is to stick with them until they graduate. I hope the administration agrees!

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