Things to Come

Overall things have been hectic lately, good for the most part, but nevertheless hectic. Here’s a brief update with details to follow soon:

Despite my case of pre-parent conferences jitters, the evening went well – I have never been more honored to be a teacher.

The mathematical understanding of my pre-algebra students is coming along nicely. We still experience behavioral issues, but we’re getting there.

I love my freshman IMP classes. Apparently the students do too. A recent comment made in class was, “I love it when you do that.” Do what? I asked. “Make me think.”

There shouldn’t be crying in math. My heart was breaking.

Relationships with most of my students are developing well. I really wasn’t prepared for how emotionally exhausting this would be though.

I think I’ve become addicted to Twitter. The feedback and connections are amazing. Also, how can one not find these Halloween costumes amusing? I admit, it is not the best example of educational use, but come one, it is funny.*

Hopefully this weekend will provide time to finish at least a few of the half-written posts I’ve got in queue.

How did I think that starting a blog during my first year teaching while coaching math team, becoming the freshman class sponsor, and consulting was a good idea?

*Note: Apparently they weren’t funny to all parties involved, so I’m removing the link. Jackie 11/23/07

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