This is what I saw when I came home today:



I’m sure someone else will have some inspirational post telling us how they used this hour to play with their kids, go for a walk, meditate, write a novel, …

What did I do? Panicked.

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4 Responses to Panic

  1. Andy says:

    Huh. Wondering why that didn’t show up in @twitter_status’s tweets (or before they went offline. I’m guessing it wasn’t planned maintenance, but it’d be nice if they’d let people know before things like that happen if they can…

  2. Robert says:

    Stuff like this happens to Twitter way too often, IMHO. Not hour-long outages but just random acts of misconnection that force me to repost something, etc.

  3. Colleen King says:

    You get a time frame?

  4. Jackie says:

    I agree prior notice would’ve been nice – then I could’ve planned not to panic. Then I wonder, should I really be planning anything about Twitter? Or planning to not panic for that matter – kinda think I should just make that a general rule – “Don’t Panic” 🙂

    Yeah, the random errors are annoying – sometimes I don’t get direct Tweets, sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t see Tweets of people I follow. Yet, I still keep going back.

    As for the time frame, it seemed much longer than an hour!

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