One Person’s Reality…

I spend one period a day in the library as a math tutor. Apparently no one in the entire building needed help with math today, so I spent the time chatting with the social studies teacher on duty.

She was looking at posters by Peter Menzel from the Material World series. They were thought provoking and I told her they reminded me of something I had seen recently about families from around the world and the food they eat. She hadn’t seen it, so I checked, but for some reason I hadn’t tagged it. A quick Google search didn’t yield much as I didn’t really know for what I was looking – so I sent out a vague tweet asking for help. Within minutes Fred responded with this.

No wonder the Material World images sparked something – Hungry Planet: What the World Eats was created by the same artists. We brainstormed as to how she could use this in her classes.

As much as she liked the new source, she was intrigued by We spent a couple of minutes surfing through my tags and those of the people in my network. I think she saw the value. Her response to Twitter was more akin to shock–

This guy read your request, knew what you were talking about, and took time out of his day to respond?

Erh, yeah, doesn’t this happen to everyone? We spent some time looking through a few pages of tweets while I explained followers and following. You know all of these people? Well, only one of them so, no. Yes. Sort of.

These interactions, in a variety of ways, provided a reminder of the many different things for which I am grateful on this day before Thanksgiving –and every day.

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