This morning I happened upon another learning opportunity via Twitter. Before heading out for a few hours, I posted this tweet:

I love the web! I just learned more from a chance meeting in Elluminate than in some of the classes I’ve taken.

I hadn’t even made it to my car when this question stopped me in my tracks – I wonder if this is how the students in my class feel?

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2 Responses to Hmm…

  1. Jackie,
    I love reading your blog – you really seem to “get it” with your students through your reflections. Did you ask your students if they’ve had that experience? It’s so important to validate the reality that learning occurs anywhere, at anytime.
    Just think of all the learning that occurred for your students, over Christmas vacation! We want our kids to have that same excitement about learning as we do. Is it possible?

  2. Jackie says:

    Break isn’t over yet Karen, so I haven’t had a chance to ask them yet. I’m thinking of asking “what did you learn?” and “how did you learn it?” along with your previous suggestion into a focused free write to start each class on Monday. Thanks for the great ideas!

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