Summering… in Uganda

Nope – not me.

One of my coworkers is spending six weeks this summer teaching in Uganda. The program is through the non-profit group Invisible Children Inc. (here’s the Wikipedia link). I don’t claim to know much about the organization (or the situation in Uganda). What I do know is Matt is a remarkable person whom I greatly admire. Here’s his first blog post announcing his trip. He’s not sure if he’ll have internet access while he’s there, but if he does he’ll be blogging the details (right Matt?).

So, if you can help (more details on his blog) either by making a tax-deductible donation1 or spreading the word, it would be greatly appreciated. At the very least – go read Matt’s blog.

1 Tax-deductible in the U.S. I have no idea how this all works in other countries.

Image: by louris.yamaguchi via flickr under CC.

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5 Responses to Summering… in Uganda

  1. Jackie,

    You are awesome! Thanks for the shout out. Beers are definitely in order. Have a great weekend!


  2. Jackie says:

    Matt – All I did was a bit of typing. You’re the one who’s going to Uganda!

  3. missprofe says:

    I give your colleague mad props. And, the children in the photo are precious and beautiful.:)

  4. Jackie says:


    Thanks for stopping by! I’ll pass along your kind words to Matt (he amazes me, remarkable guy).

  5. elementaryteacher says:

    Hi Jackie,

    I read your comments on teaching math at “Casting Out Nines,” and just wanted to tell you I posted three long replies to you–just didn’t want you to miss them!


    This looks like a very interesting website here, and I’ve just added it to my RSS feed.

    Best regards,
    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas (in the Middle East)

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