April Fool’s

I wasn’t sure what to expect today. All in all, I think I was let off easy.

I do teach twin brothers, but in two different periods. I think they might have pulled a fast one on me today. Maybe. I’m not sure…

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2 Responses to April Fool’s

  1. ken says:

    I have identical twins on my lacrosse team. They get extremely ‘disjointed and out of frame’ when I call one by the other one’s name.

    But here’s the great equalizer:

    I have identical twins in my house. They are my newborn daughters. I think they soil their diapers when I call one by the other one’s name.

  2. Jackie says:

    Ken, I can’t wait to hear what your daughters do when they’re teenagers!

    Also, the twins confirmed that they switched places yesterday. They also confirmed that I was the only teacher who noticed.

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