Dimensional Fun


Phun is out for OSX! Okay, it came out a few weeks ago, but I just got around to downloading it. Phun is a 2-D Physics sandbox.

At this time, I have no idea how I’ll use this in class, but I have a new prep to plan for next year and a summer that is mostly unplanned.


Via information aesthetics I ran across Tag Galaxy, a 3-D1 representation of photos on flickr by tag. Each planet represents photos of related tags. Of course I had to see what the math tag looked like:

I had planned to post the screen shot of the “planet” of photos. However, the first photo I checked was not licensed under a Creative Commons License. So, be careful.2


I’ve got nothing, sorry. Although I do keep bugging a friend to work on a time machine. Alas, he hasn’t come through yet.3

1Obviously it is really two dimensional. Also, I think it is more of a planetary system than a galaxy.
2In a strange coincidence, the first photo I checked for CC belonged to Courtney.
3I know, I know. He hasn’t built a tesseract either.

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2 Responses to Dimensional Fun

  1. Ben says:

    I downloaded Phun awhile ago for my old PC and went on to waste hours and hours playing with it. I’ve banned myself from opening it unless I have an evening with nothing to do (which happens…never).

    Fun things you can do with Phun:
    1.) Demonstrate gas laws. Create a closed box & fill it with small spheres. Throw ’em around. See what happens when you delete half the spheres (hint- they lose energy).
    2.) Demonstrate projectile motion & the effect of air resistance on flight (since you can turn air resistance on & off)
    3.) Keep yourself awake all night. Seriously. It’s addictive. Or maybe I’m just a geek.

  2. Jackie says:

    Ben – I must be a geek too. Which is why I’m putting off playing with this until summer as I can see myself losing days with this one. Thanks for the ideas!

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