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Week 1 in Review

Year two is off to a great start. So far I feel I’ve done a pretty good job of meeting my goals of being prepared and being present. I have actually felt like I’m in the moment in all of … Continue reading

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And so it begins

Tomorrow is the first day of school. I’ve been thinking about my goals for the year. In doing so, I realized those two statements I posted are actually my goals for the year – be prepared & be present. For … Continue reading

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One Graph, So Many Questions

I’m not sure where I first saw these types of questions. It was either at  Dan Greene’s1 or the Pre-AP Mathematics site2. Sadly, it was not in a textbook. Here3 is one I made last week. I plan on using … Continue reading

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Bud Hunt has asked me to join the NotK12Online planning committee. What is NotK12Online? Great question. That’s one we’ve been trying to figure out. Bud has the introductory podcast up here. The committee is made up of a great group … Continue reading

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