It is that time of the year again – review.

I’m not a huge fan of review packets. Last year I tried review stations. It was okay, I’ll probably do it again at some point.

I tried something new with the seniors this year. We generated a list of topics at the end of class yesterday (well, in 2 of 3 classes – one class ran out of time). Today when they walked in, the topics were listed on the screen. In partners they chose a topic, we went to the computer lab, and they created the review questions.

I did this in January and it worked well. That time I had them create them by hand and I typed them all up. I think this way worked much better – and didn’t take any more time.

When they asked how many to create, I replied however many you think people will need to do to understand the topic.

When they asked what kind of questions to ask, I returned with another question, what do you think I’ll ask on an exam?

They learned how to use equation editor. They learned how to use grapher1. They carefully thought about the questions they were asking. They created questions working from graphs, tables, and equations.

I consolidated each period’s questions into one document which they’ll work on tomorrow. The students that created the questions will be responsible for answering any questions on that topic.

1 a few were temporarily distracted by playing with Grapher (can anyone help with this 3D graphing question?)
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1 Response to Reviewing

  1. It appears that if Grapher is given an expression like sin x (rather than an equation like z=sin x), it evaluates the expression at each point along a grid and displays the result visually using the relative sizes of balls centered at each point.

    The pattern is apparent if you plug in simple expressions like “x” or “yz”.

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