Summer Plans

I’ve been sitting here thinking about all I’ve wanted to accomplish this summer that I haven’t done yet.

Then I realized school has only been out for one week. It isn’t time to panic just yet.

I have a new prep next year: Accelerated Honors Advanced Algebra (which is a different course than Honors Accelerated Advanced Algebra). I’ll be teaching one section of that, two sections of IMP1 and two sections of IMP4. I’ve taught IMP1 for two years now and while there are some things I’d like to tweak, I don’t feel this course needs too much of my attention over the summer. IMP4 was a new course for me (and for my school) this past year. I like much of what we did, but this needs some attention. Assessments need refining. Pacing needs to be looked at.

What will be getting most of my attention will be the new prep. This course is a freshmen level course for our students on track to take BC Calc. The major goal for the summer is re-writing the assessments to include multiple choice and free response questions (with calculator and non-calculator questions for each type). I’m hoping to get that done in the next few weeks so that I can then work backwards to plan lessons that work toward the instructional goals I/we wrote into the assessments.

Initially looking at this course, I’m still struggling with the question: what is the difference between Algebra II and Pre-Calculus. I asked that here – the responses were interesting. (I’ll summarize them in the next week or so1.). It seems that many of the topics we cover are repeated in Pre-Calc (perhaps at a greater depth, I don’t know. I’m still conversing with the Pre-Calc teacher about this). Does the review/repeat of the topics help the students’ depth of understanding? Would it be better to break the topics up by course? Again, I don’t know. Still thinking about and talking about these questions.

I also have a few school workshops to attend along with grad school two nights a week. Most importantly, my husband had surgery about a week ago and is having another sometime this summer2. Supporting him and helping with his recovery is the highest priority. As it should be.

Those are my summer plans. I’ll share what I learn as I’m going and as time allows.

1I figure if I write that here, I’m more likely to follow up…
2Which for some strange reason I feel more comfortable talking about on Twitter than I do here. Huh. I wonder why that is the case.

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2 Responses to Summer Plans

  1. Sarah says:

    I feel like a lot of us share more personal stories via Twitter than blogs. Few hypotheses:
    *Brevity of Twitter lets you share life without going into detail.
    *I don’t read Twitter archives (it’s frustrating to follow the conversation threads) but I have read blog archives. Other people might not follow my behavior patterns, but I act like they do.

  2. Ben says:

    The Honors and Accelerated operators don’t commute? That’s confusing! What about the Advanced operator? Hopefully they are at least associative.

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