Error Analysis

My students seem to think that it is much easier for me to find their errors than it is for them to find them on their own.

Well of course it is. Anytime you can get someone else to do the work for you, it is easier. Also, I’ve had lots and lots of practice in trying to find the mistakes in other people’s work.

So in an effort to get them to be able to find their own mistakes, I created a systems of equations “find the error” worksheet.

Nothing fancy, but here’s the .doc file in case anyone is interested.

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4 Responses to Error Analysis

  1. bcarrera says:

    Great idea…something I need to add to my toolbox.

  2. vlorbik says:

    very good move.
    learning to write code
    *begins* with debugging.

    editing is the invisible art.

  3. vlorbik says:

    moreover… we haven’t “spoken” in a while…
    let me just say here that i approve mightily
    of teachers publishing their worksheets
    (and suchlike “assessment materials”)
    in blogs. yay _continuities_!
    keep ’em coming!

    pps. the *error* is of course that
    the author of the supposed solution
    has evidently failed to *check the work*
    after computing the value of y.
    (the check is *part of the solution*
    since even correct computation
    can lead to so-called “extraneous
    solutions”… with any luck at
    least *some* students will
    mention this… this is a good

    oh, and… what the heck,
    oughta get part two
    (where ‘ denotes ^{-1})
    not that i’ve checked it.
    tools at hand!

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