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Sharing: Polynomial Functions

We’re studying polynomial functions in my freshman Advanced Algebra course.  I’ve been struggling with determining what it is they really need to know about polynomials. I’m not convinced that long division of polynomials is an essential enduring skill (feel free … Continue reading

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Sharing: Multiple Representations of Systems

One of the realizations that I made at NCTM was that the idea of multiple representations is still new to some people and that I need to start sharing more.1 This is one of my “worksheets”2 from last fall that … Continue reading

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NCTM 2010 Initial Reflections

I just returned from my first NCTM Conference in San Diego. I was fortunate to be able to attend with my friend and coworker Amy. Gotta say, being able to meet up with old “friends” I’d never met was a … Continue reading

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He beat me to it

Earlier this week we worked on writing equations given the solutions to quadratics. I was surprised that a few were surprised that given solutions of we can expand and get a “nice” equation. I reminded them that if we’re multiplying … Continue reading

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