Summer Prep: Progress

Next year I have three preps:  Honors Accelerated Advanced Algebra (sophomores, two sections), Honors Pre-Calculus (juniors, two sections), and what we’ll call Algebra I (freshmen, one section).

Pre-Calc is the only prep that isn’t new. I taught it last year and have a pretty good foundation.  Skill lists for each unit are good to go.  Unit Exams are in decent shape (AP style: Free Response and Multiple Choice, calculator and no calculator sections of each).  Last week our course alike team met and went through all the modified AP Calculus problems we have written thus far.  We decided which we’ll use and where. We each left with a couple of new questions to modify and will meet again in July to do more work with these.

What I still need to do for pre-calc:  Rewrite all of our individual skill assessments.

Advanced Algebra: This is somewhat of a new course.  Previously, our honors students began with Advanced Algebra as freshmen, then took Geometry, Pre-Calc, and AP Calc.  Last year we switched to Geometry as freshman.  The honors team met and reworked our plan for Advanced Algebra and Pre-Calc, to make it more of a two-year course.  We decided which topics would be taught in which course. So we have a lot of work to do on this “new” course. I’m excited that we will now be able to embed Geometry concepts into our problems.

What we have done:  decided on the order of the units, written skill lists for all of the first semester units. Began writing individual skill assessments.

What we still need to do: Write the final and unit exams for first semester. Write all of the individual skill assessments. Write modified-AP style problems. Make our supplemental materials. I wish we had enough time to begin working on second semester, but we’ll make time do that during the year.

Algebra I… for lack of a better name.  This will be our course for our ‘average’ level freshmen. This will be the first year we are not using IMP in this course (although much of what we have planned includes many of the activities from IMP1).  We’ll do some algebra, some geometry, and some prob/stats, using ACT’s College Readiness Standards as our framework.

What is already done:  breaking the course into units and rough outlining of the skills in each unit. We have more than a few workshop days scheduled in July during which we’ll get quite a lot of the work done for this “new” course. We already have a lot of materials written (we won’t be issuing textbooks).

What needs to be done: finalizing the skills lists… and then everything else. Organizing the materials we’ve already written (deciding what we’re keeping/modifying/trashing), writing the rest of our materials, writing unit/final exams. I am very very fortunate to have an incredibly strong team on this course.  We all worked together last year and do an incredible job of bouncing ideas off one another and dividing up tasks.

Writing this all down makes (part of) me regret not doing much work during the month of June. But only part of me. I really needed these past three weeks of … actual summer. Relaxing was very much needed. I haven’t had a stretch of time with so little that had to be done in a very very long time.  However, it is time to get back at it.

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2 Responses to Summer Prep: Progress

  1. blaw0013 says:

    Congrats for writing. I am curious about the ways in which you and your school are intentionally developing / attending to the CCSS 8 Math’l Practices? in particular, have you named a trajectory for each as kids go through your sequence of classes?

    my guess, from the names of the classes, is that your courses remain organized in a dis-integrated manner, focused on the content standards, rather than math’l processes.

    I ask because I am curious about the ways in which various HSs are responding ton the CCSS.

  2. Hemant says:

    Not sure how much overlap there is, but I teach an Hon. Alg. 2/Trig class and I have lots o’ material if you’d like it.

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