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He beat me to it

Earlier this week we worked on writing equations given the solutions to quadratics. I was surprised that a few were surprised that given solutions of we can expand and get a “nice” equation. I reminded them that if we’re multiplying … Continue reading

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Maximum return?

Today I issued a challenge to my 8th period class:  Which group can construct an open box with the largest volume? I explained that the box was to be constructed out of an ordinary sheet of paper – 8.5×11 inches … Continue reading

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Error Analysis

My students seem to think that it is much easier for me to find their errors than it is for them to find them on their own. Well of course it is. Anytime you can get someone else to do … Continue reading

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What would you have done?

Yesterday I had a sub for my last two classes of the day. My lesson plans were for the most part the same as they would have been had I been in class – a form of “In your groups … Continue reading

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Formative Assessment?

We were recently going to do an activity that involved finding the formula for the sum of the interior angles in a polygon. This required that they know that a few terms beforehand. I wanted a quick way to check … Continue reading

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It is that time of the year again – review. I’m not a huge fan of review packets. Last year I tried review stations. It was okay, I’ll probably do it again at some point. I tried something new with … Continue reading

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Repeat or Revise?

Last week I wrote about my idea for an activity for investigating SSS. Helpful ideas were provided in the comments: using straws and string, Geogebra, and Polystrips to name a few. The year before we used the string and straws … Continue reading

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