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Pick a piece of candy!

I try to change seats often in my classes (every three weeks or so). Sometimes I choose their seats for them, but most of the time it is random.  I usually use a deck of cards (well, part thereof), kids … Continue reading

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Advice For New Teachers: Goals

Adding my (late) contribution to Letters to a First Year Teacher… To a new teacher, As you plan for your first year, my advice to you is to have concrete goals — and very few of them. Some of us … Continue reading

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The Ways We Learn

Recently I asked people to list five verbs that describe the way they learn. There were 25 responses (including my own).  The top four verbs reported were discuss (8), read (8),  experiment (7), and practice (7). I wonder how the … Continue reading

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Measuring Success

The third year was… okay? Could have been better? Good? I think it was decent. I think. By what measure do I judge how successful my year was? Student evaluations?  Grades on final exams? My students growth on standardized tests? … Continue reading

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Maximum return?

Today I issued a challenge to my 8th period class:  Which group can construct an open box with the largest volume? I explained that the box was to be constructed out of an ordinary sheet of paper – 8.5×11 inches … Continue reading

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A different conversation

Parent teacher conferences were last night. While the tone of the conversations was the same, the information I was able to convey to parents was very different. In the past, when students were struggling, I’d say something along the lines … Continue reading

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Formative Assessment?

We were recently going to do an activity that involved finding the formula for the sum of the interior angles in a polygon. This required that they know that a few terms beforehand. I wanted a quick way to check … Continue reading

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