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We’re in the “World of Functions” unit in IMP4. This may be my favorite unit in the whole curriculum. Instead of a separate sections on linear, quadratic, radical, rational, exponential, …, we’re studying functions. Delving deeper into the relationship between … Continue reading

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Surprised again

We’ve begun our second unit, “As the Cube Turns” in my IMP4 classes. We are about two weeks into the unit and today students started asking, “When are we ever going to use programming in real life?”.  I honestly didn’t … Continue reading

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High Dive

I really, really like my new prep – IMP4. Our first unit is High Dive. It covers topics from trigonometry with some physics thrown in for fun. Students are given the following situation and are asked to determine when to … Continue reading

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What’s Normal?

We’re about a third of the way in The Pit and the Pendulum unit and I think most of the cherubs are getting a nice understanding the importance of sample size, controlled experiments, and representing data with histograms. After our … Continue reading

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Class Discussions

In the comments on my last post, H asked, “What have you been doing to get them to this point?” So as requested, here’s some of what I do in my freshmen classes. Students work in groups. Every day. No … Continue reading

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Dy/Dan Comes to Class

In my freshman IMP 1 classes the past few days, we’ve been creating and interpreting graphs. We haven’t formally talked about slope yet, as for right now, we’re going for a more intuitive approach. I want them to understand slope … Continue reading

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Letters from Freshmen

At the end of every unit, the freshmen create a portfolio that represents their best work from the unit. Included in the portfolio are a cover letter summarizing the mathematical ideas of the unit and a personal growth letter. Below … Continue reading

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