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Sharing: Polynomial Functions

We’re studying polynomial functions in my freshman Advanced Algebra course.  I’ve been struggling with determining what it is they really need to know about polynomials. I’m not convinced that long division of polynomials is an essential enduring skill (feel free … Continue reading

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To have a class blog or not to have a class blog

I’m toying with the idea of having a class blog next year. I’m still not sure. The questions I’m asking myself are: 1. How will this improve student learning? 2. Do the students want to do this? What if they … Continue reading

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We’re in the “World of Functions” unit in IMP4. This may be my favorite unit in the whole curriculum. Instead of a separate sections on linear, quadratic, radical, rational, exponential, …, we’re studying functions. Delving deeper into the relationship between … Continue reading

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One of my classes is at an impasse. They all agree that having proportional sides does not guarantee similarity in a quadrilateral (yay for the students who thought to grab a rhombus and a square from the tub of shapes … Continue reading

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