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Ready or not, here we come!

This weekend is the ICTM High School Math Contest State Finals. Friday afternoon I’ll be one of two coaches driving a bus1 of math team students down to U of I. Six students qualified to compete individually. Our 5 person … Continue reading

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Proof Update

Things have gone much better the past two days with the trig proofs. Much much better. Yesterday, I asked for volunteers to put up the solutions. Not every problem was done correctly (most were though). Having the students explain their … Continue reading

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“Teaching” Proofs

We recently began trig proofs. I love trig proofs. To me they are a joyful puzzle. My students don’t quite share my sentiments. /understatement Today I heard: “I don’t know where to begin“, “This takes too long“, or “Show me … Continue reading

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Grasping at Straws

We’ve been exploring the ideas of similarity and congruence in my freshmen classes. Today the students developed congruence by SSS – with straws. Supplies needed: drinking Straws (1-2 per student), string (dental floss was too slippery), and scissors. Question 1: … Continue reading

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