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No, not that Po

Last week the freshmen started a new unit based upon The Pit and the Pendulum. The first day was spent reading and discussing an excerpt from the story. Poe is a tough read. It can be especially confusing if you’re … Continue reading

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Not Even a Visa

Yesterday was the first day of second semester. Much to my dismay, I could not be at school. While I didn’t have anything as cool as Dan did when he had a sub, I was able to get live updates … Continue reading

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Note to Self

Writing posts that are never published defeats the purpose of having a blog. Deleting them is even worse.The first semester of your teaching career is over. Reflect on this experience this weekend -after the finals are graded. Then click on … Continue reading

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2007 Annual Report

Well, it is the last night for Dan’s contest. As I waited until the last day, there’s no time for a post reflecting upon the process. That’ll happen soon. I’m sure. Well, I intend it to happen. Anyway, without further … Continue reading

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