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I’m Sorry

When I saw Jen Wagner’s post on Twitter and David Jakes’ comment last night, I felt awful. While I was not one who “wore” one of the costumes on Halloween, I did reference it in my post on 11/1 with … Continue reading

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One Person’s Reality…

I spend one period a day in the library as a math tutor. Apparently no one in the entire building needed help with math today, so I spent the time chatting with the social studies teacher on duty. She was … Continue reading

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Strange Threat

I was out yesterday for a conference and had the chance to meet my sub before I left. Despite the fact that he looked like he was twelve years old, I was willing to give him a chance. That chance … Continue reading

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Really Sardonic Syndication

While sorting through my RSS feed yesterday, I seriously considered to what (whom?) I was subscribing and why. Keeping the feeds that make me laugh was a given. These include the comics xkcd and Brown Sharpie (well, I laugh at … Continue reading

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This is what I saw when I came home today:   I’m sure someone else will have some inspirational post telling us how they used this hour to play with their kids, go for a walk, meditate, write a novel, … Continue reading

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A Percent by Any Other Name

I don’t like assigning grades. I tell my students that I don’t “give” them grades, but that they “earn” them. However it is still one of my least favorite parts of being a teacher. I don’t mind assessing their work … Continue reading

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Dy/Dan Comes to Class

In my freshman IMP 1 classes the past few days, we’ve been creating and interpreting graphs. We haven’t formally talked about slope yet, as for right now, we’re going for a more intuitive approach. I want them to understand slope … Continue reading

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